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About the game

Iridescence is a top-down shooter (shmup) from 'Polarity Bear'. The game contains a color changing mechanic, where you dodge and absorb many different bullet types. I designed it with a painted watercolor theme in mind from the beginning and it informed many of the design and gameplay decisions. I wanted an interesting scoring/chaining system. In order to chain you must destroy an enemy while being close to it. You also do more damage the closer you are to an enemy. This risk/reward dynamic has resulted in a very unique type of shmup, almost like a puzzle game.


  • Aesthetic shmup with puzzle elements
  • 5 main levels & 30 challenge levels
  • Dodge and absorb 4 bullet colors
  • Appealing watercolor aesthetic
  • Unique chaining + scoring system
  • Color blind mode included


Developer: Polarity Bear

Release Date: November 9th, 2018

Platforms: Steam

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Price: $6.99


Trailer: Coming Soon

Press Kit Download: n/a